Proxy Materials

The Proxy Materials

In advance of a meeting of shareholders, the company is required to send proxy materials to all shareholders, including information in the proxy statement regarding items to be considered at the meeting. These materials are usually sent 35 to 40 days before the meeting.

Shareholders receive proxy materials in hard copy, or if they have consented to electronic delivery of proxy materials, by e-mail. As a result of the recent amendments to the proxy rules, shareholders may also receive proxy materials through a "Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials" ("Notice"). These materials include a document known as a proxy statement, which includes a Proxy Card for registered owners or a VIF for beneficial owners.

The proxy statement provides details about the annual meeting, share ownership, board structure, executive compensation and other matters to be voted on at the meeting. The proxy statement describes the management and shareholder proposals and provides background information that helps shareholders make informed voting decisions. A Proxy Card or VIF is the form on which shareholders indicate their vote on the various proposals.

As mentioned, the proxy statement provides details about the shares you own — shares you are entitled to vote.  If you own shares in a “record date market” — such as the United States — the record date is a date preceding the shareholder meeting set by the issuer company.  If you own shares of the company on the record date, you are entitled to vote at the meeting.  Some countries do not use a record date system.  In those countries, you are able to vote as long as you hold shares on the date that the meeting occurs.  

Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials for Beneficial Shareholders

Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials for Registered Shareholders

Vote Instruction Form

Proxy Card

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